Telephone service
Who should use the VPBX?
  • Start-ups, small and medium enterprises need to be equipped with a switchboard.
  • Enterpriseswant to convert from analog switchboard system to IP PBX
  • Enterprises having demand for switchboard, but do not want to invest in a separate system
  • Enterprises having many departments and branches operating in different locations
  • Companies without fixed address or no specific office
  • Households and individuals want to change analog phones to IP PBXs
Are internal calls between branches charged?
Using internet technology, internal calls between branches are completely free. Moreover, there are no geographical restrictions for calls
What are landline prefix phone numbers?
You can refer to the following syntax:
  • Hanoi: 024.5678.ABCD
  • Ho Chi Minh: 028.5678.ABCD
(With A, B, C, D from 0 to 9)
Should I use the prefix 1800 or 1900?
It depends on the number of callers and enterprises’ ability to afford. The features are the same for both 2 prefix phone numbers. However, the prefix 1800 allows 100% free of charge incoming calls from customers while for the prefix 1900, there is a policy that enterprises and customers share the fee based on the demand.
Is 1900-1800 prefix service integrated with Vitural PBX?
Definitely. Not only 1900-1800 prefix, Vitural PBX can integrate with any fixed and mobile numbers
Can I use the same switchboard for all branches in case I have multiple ones?
When using Internet technology, one IP switchboard can be used for many branches and chain stores. For example, store 1 uses 101, store 2 uses 102 and internal calls are totally free.
Can I forward calls to a mobile number?
Definitely and this is totally free. However, to use this feature, you need to have a callable prefix phone number. Please contact the technical service unit through the phone number 1900.400088 if you need to install
What should be done when the electricity is out and Internet is cut off?
Since the IP Switchboard works via the Internet, the Internet source at the customers enterprises obviously needs electricity. When the power is out —> Internet is cut off —> The IP Switchboard can not work. If you still keep the analog number + use VPBX, power failure means service interruption. However… If you use SIP + VPBX number, the backup solution in case of power failure is to use smartphone + 3G or forward to mobile number
Internet service
I want to subscribe to fixed broadband services (ADSL, Fiber Optic, Landline Phone, etc.) of HTC-ITC, where can I approach?
  • You can directly contact the Hotline number 1900400088 for advice and support at home (no extra charge)
  • Or you can contact via our fanpage for further information, our customer service department will call back immediately
How long is the warranty on HTC-ITC’s devices
Devices provided by HTC-ITC are usually under warranty from 12 months to 24 months depending on the devices and their warranty
How do I know my internet speed
If you want to check your network speed, you can visit the website speedtest.net to measure the speed of your Internet connection
How many payment methods are there for using HTC-ITC’s services, which one should I choose?
HTC-ITC currently has 2 methods of payment. For your convenience, you should choose the payment method at home ( at the fee of 5,000 VND/time), our staff will come to give you the bill and receive money. In addition, you can transfer money to this following account:
HTC International Telecommunication Joint Stock Company, Account number: 03101017002049 - Maritime Bank - Dong Da Branch, Hanoi.
Can I use Wifi when I register for FTTH (Optical Fiber Cable) provided by HTC-ITC?
When customers register to use HTC-ITC's fiber optic cable Internet service, They will be provided with 1 Wifi Modem. This modem will be warranted in accordance with HTC-ITC’s regulations
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