Private Internet
leased line (ILL)
Private Internet leased line
Private Internet leased line (ILL) is a leased service channel of HITC that fully meets the requirements for domestic and international data transmission. Moreover, it also helps to effectively exploit internet-based applications such as: : Website, Email server, VPN, Voice, Video conferencing…
Internet leased line (ILL) service is a dedicated physical transmission service with a separate international gateway, which connects and transfers data between terminals, intranets, private telecommunication network.
Backbone network bandwidth is large enough for customers to use the full leased line capacity (speed up to 10Gbps
Direct internet connection with high stability, constantly 24/24 for domestic and international connection
Commitment: Be present within 60 minutes (in the inner city - office hours) and fix the problems within 04 hours
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Deploy applications that greatly increase the efficiency of your business by using our service for stable and fast transmission speeds.
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