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HTC-ITC changes the brand identity logo

HTC International Telecommunication Joint Stock Company officially changed the new brand identity including logo and slogan with the aim of marking the “breakthrough” transformation in all fields.
On March 6, 2023, HTC International Telecommunication Joint Stock Company launched a new brand identity after more than 15 years of operation in the telecommunications industry.

The event is part of the Company’s development orientation for the period of 2023 – 2030, and is also a milestone affirming its position and marking a strong transition in the process of completing the ecosystem of fixed telecommunications services and mobile, VOIP , Data Center…

HTC-ITC initials and logo are changed to HITC. Logo image with striking orange color combined with blue color. Orange symbolizes passion, creativity, determination and success. Blue is a symbol of responsibility, trust and resilience.

The new slogan “Power your breakthoughs” instead of the slogan “The trusted telecom partner” clearly shows the mission that HITC brings to customers: “Standing with you to make a breakthrough”. This is also the affirmation of a leading brand, committed to bringing customers the best service ecosystem from HITC.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Duong – Vice President of HITC

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Duong – Vice President, HTC International Telecommunication Joint Stock Company shared: “The change of the new brand identity marks a transformation in the new development direction to bring HITC’s brand to the next level. Creating a clear brand mark in the Telecommunications and Digital Technology industry.

Besides, with the motto: “Customer – Partner is number one”, HITC always carries with it the mission of bringing value to society. Always take quality as a commitment to Customers and Partners. Always take integrity for all business activities of the company. Those are the values that HITC wants to bring to customers and partners.”

After 2 years of turbulent pandemic, HITC chose the present time to consolidate its internal resources, expand its business, and be ready to break through to develop market share. Therefore, in addition to “upgrading” the brand identity, HITC also promotes digital transformation in all activities to complete a diversified and closed service ecosystem.

In the spirit of integration and spreading practical values, HITC is gradually asserting its distinct position in domestic and international markets. The big turning points in both development strategy and brand repositioning are also expected to create a “push” in the coming time, contributing to the overall growth of the economy of the whole society.