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Inside HTC-ITC Tier 3 Data Center Project

Data centers and broadband optic networks are the most important systems for data collection, transmission, processing and effective storage of the vast amounts of data we use every day in our connected world. Therefore, it’s also the basic infrastructure for the digital economy and industry 4.0. Digitization infrastructure is a general growth trend in the world and in Vietnam, specifically regarding the rapid growth of data volume and data protection demand.

In September 2019, HTC-ITC signed a contract with Delta Thailand to deploy a data center which complies with the Uptime Institute’s Tier 3 standards of Tier Certification of Data Center (TCDD) and Tier Certification of Constructed Data Center Facility (TCCF). In this a turnkey project, Delta will take care of both designing to get a TCDD certificate and implementation to get a TCCF certificate. After completion, we’ll hand over the new data center to HTC-ITC for their operation and business.

HTC-ITC is a subsidiary of the Hanoi Telecommunications Corporation (Hanoi Telecom) and a major telecommunications company specializing in providing telecommunications infrastructure and transmission services in Vietnam. It has nearly 10,000 km of optic network nationwide and many international connections. HTC-IYC’s solid infrastructure foundation was an important factor in their decision to enter the field of data center services.

HTC-ITC and other leading telecommunications and information technology companies in Vietnam have invested in the country’s digital infrastructure for many years. This includes many data centers which are gradually improving. While data centers designed according to Tier 3 standards of the Uptime Institute exist, there is still no Uptime Institute Tier 3 data center that complies with the TCCF certificate. As our planned project completion is August 2020, ours will be the first data center project in Vietnam to get a Tier 3 Uptime Institute TCCF certificate.

Ms. Trinh Minh Chau, Chairman of HTC-ITC, expressed her desire to work with Delta in this project and provide customers in Vietnam with the best quality. Although HTC-ITC began providing data center services later than other Vietnamese suppliers, she set a goal to have the best quality of service to improve HTC-ITC’s market competitiveness. To show their desire for a long-term cooperation with Delta, the HTC-ITC CTO visited the Delta Taiwan corporate headquarters, factories and product center in November 2019.

This new Tier 3 data center will help HTC-ITC’s customers experience a top level of service in terms of features, stability and information security. HTC-ICT can meet specific needs of the customer with personalization and full support. Customers can manage every detail of their own server system and racks while client-side staff will manage and operate the server.

In addition, the management system allows customers to divide their servers into small groups for each department so they can manage demand and charge by departments. Customers with higher demand can rent a separate point of delivery (POD) data center solution for full control of access to that specific section.

Ultimately, customers of the new data center can save up to half on costs using the service when compared with investing to set up their own data center and hiring staff to manage it. Customers are then free to turn their focus on leveraging their funds, manpower, project and opportunity costs to boost more specific business growth targets, while avoiding the risks associated with self-operation.